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Lets get one thing out of the way. Preseason games DO NOT count! There is absolutely no reason for any Eagles fan to throw him or herself off the ledge, or even to get up on the ledge for that matter. If you didn’t know already, the Eagles never got off the bus to face the Pittsburgh Steelers in last night’s preseason sequel. Andy Reid described his team’s performance best “we all stunk”. Michael Vick threw three interceptions in one half of football and the defense struggled to get off the field against a Steelers team that seemed to play with a chip on its shoulder after its own lackluster preseason premiere. It’s hard as a fan not to be concerned after our starting offense and defense looked like a Pop Warner team playing against (literally) last year’s Super Bowl runner up. All you can do is assess the good and the bad and hope the team gets better from here.

The Bad

  • Revamped starting defense struggles against a seemingly superior Steelers offense. This includes two 14-play Steeler drives that resulted in touchdowns.
  • Safety Nate Allen looked like a deer in the headlights, getting beat and making poor decisions on several plays.
  • Linebacking corpes looks overmatched and seemed to get pushed around much of the time. They don’t have size.
  • Mike Vick threw three first half interceptions.
  • Not much pressure put on by the defensive line on Ben Roethlisberger.

The good

  • Offensive line pretty much held their own against a very solid Steelers defensive front.
  • Vick was pressing in the second quarter, knowing that he’d only be in for one half. He forced some throws that he normally wouldn’t have.
  • It’s good to see DeSean back.
  • With all the “dream team” talk (which I believe the team was starting to buy into) it’s good for this team to get punched in the mouth. They need learn from this and know that wins in the NFL aren’t given away, they’ll have to earn every single one.
  • It’s Preseason!!!!!!

This team has too much talent not to have a very successful season. At the same time, all of this new talent has to come together as a team, not a bunch of talented individuals. If they learn from their preseason mistakes, (and they will make more of them) and continue to practice hard, they should be one of the best teams in the entire NFL.