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Ok, the experiments should be over and I’d like to emphasize the word should. Danny Watkins is on the bench, Casey Matthews has finally been moved out of the middle linebacker spot, the right tackle position looks solid with Herremans at the helm, rookie Jason Kelce seems to be making progress at center and the search for the kick/punt returners seems to be over. I’m pretty confident that going forward, the coaches have found the right positions for all 53 players on the roster.

There is one reason why I think that the upcoming game will give us a good idea where the Eagles stand. The Giants will test the areas where the Eagles have appeared weak during the first two weeks of the season. First, the Giants have a strong running game. No one can deny that Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs is a good one two punch at running back. Maybe not to the level of the thunder and lightning combo of Jacobs and Tiki Barber from a couple of years ago. Jamar Chaney is back at middle linebacker, where he should have been at the start of the season and will be tested by the aforementioned running back combo. This Sunday will tell us if the recent shuffle at linebacker is the right move. By the way, my prediction there is yes.

Second, the Giants have a good pass rush. The G-men are notorious for putting pressure on the QB. We all know that through two weeks Mike Vick has sometimes looked like a tetherball tied to a pole. We also know that #7 is coming back from a mild concussion. How the offensive line and Vick handled the Giants pass rush will give us a good idea about what to expect for the rest of the season. I think at this point in the season the O-line should start to gel. They’ve had two games where they’ve seen many different blitz and rush packages, as well as several practices and film sessions. The Eagles are strong in every other area and I challenge you to disagree. If you see success this Sunday from the O-line and the linebackers, the following 12 weeks will be a lot of fun.