Does Ryan Howard frustrate you sometimes? I unfortunately have to answer yes to that question. His inability to play a full season at full steam has given many people headaches. I’m talking about Ryan Howard inability to get off to fast starts, then turning it on after the all-star break and putting the team on his big ol’ shoulders and carrying them all the way into the postseason. This year has been no exception. Ryan had been coasting, and in my opinion underperforming for most of the year.

July 30th….in comes Hunter Pence. The highly regarded and sought after player formerly of the Houston Astros. Hunter is known to hit for average, he sees the ball well at the plate. Charlie Manuel made the decision to insert Pence into the 5th spot in the lineup, right behind Ryan Howard. So, how did Ryan Howard perform in Hunter Pence’s debut as a Phillie? Oh, just 4 for 4 with 2 doubles, a home run and 3 RBI, heck of a line! In the five games since  Hunter Pence arrived in Philadelphia Ryan has nine hits, nine RBI and 4 home runs. For me, it’s no coincidence. Ryan is seeing better pitches, mainly more fastballs. Will it carry on? Maybe. Like I said before, Ryan tends to heat up around this time of the year anyway.

There is a big, let me say that again, BIG series against the San Francisco Giants coming up. The Giants pitching staff is notorious for giving the Phillies lineup fits. Not to mention the series is in San Fran, which is the only west coast town where fans seem to care as much about baseball as we do here in Philly. Rightfully so, they are the defending champions. This series will be big for the team’s psyche. They need to perform well in this series, because more likely than not, they’ll meet again in October. We’ll find out if the Pence experiment is indeed a successful one. It will be tested by the likes of Cain, Bumgarner, Lincecum and Wilson. If Ryan’s tear continues after this, a Christmas card might not do the trick.


In the NFL, holdouts are not uncommon. They have happened since 1985 when one Erick Dickerson held out from the L.A. Rams. This year, a couple of star players are holding out of training camp mainly because they feel they have outplayed their contracts and are due for a pay raise. Chris Johnson from the Tennessee Titans and Desean Jackson from the Philadelphia Eagles are two of the most versatile, explosive and electrifying players that the league has seen in a long time.  No one can deny their God-given talent. However, I want to shine light on one of those particular players. He suits up in a midnight green #1o jersey on Sundays at the Linc, Mr. Desean Jackson.

D Jax is coming off consecutive 1,000 yard seasons and last year he averaged 22.5 yards per catch, which I’m pretty sure was tops for receivers in the NFL. Can we call him Mr. Big Play? He has intangibles as well. He brings energy to the team, and at the same time relaxes the guys around him. No, he’s not perfect. He has said some bonehead things off the field and on the field he might not be the most humble guy. But if we’re talking about production, there aren’t many that produce like he does.  The Eagles are building a great team, a team I believe will make a run deep into the playoffs. If they want to make the road there smoother, they’re going to have to make #10 happy. Hey Eagles, time to open the wallet…..again.

Hello Sports Fans!

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Welcome to! I’m glad you stopped by. This is my first venture into blogging and honestly, it was not difficult to figure out what to blog about. Ever since 1997 (the year I came to the U.S. from Puerto Rico) I have become a true Philadelphian and have experienced the highs and lows of being a sports fan in this great city along with many others. I do not claim to be an insider, not yet anyway. However, I do claim to have a passion for digging around and being one of the first to know the scoop about any of my beloved teams, the Eagles, Phillies, Flyers, and 76ers. So, if you want to be in the know and share your passion, stop by regularly. You’ll enjoy yourself.