Desean Jackson…..Eagles, please pay the man!

Posted: August 3, 2011 in Uncategorized
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In the NFL, holdouts are not uncommon. They have happened since 1985 when one Erick Dickerson held out from the L.A. Rams. This year, a couple of star players are holding out of training camp mainly because they feel they have outplayed their contracts and are due for a pay raise. Chris Johnson from the Tennessee Titans and Desean Jackson from the Philadelphia Eagles are two of the most versatile, explosive and electrifying players that the league has seen in a long time.  No one can deny their God-given talent. However, I want to shine light on one of those particular players. He suits up in a midnight green #1o jersey on Sundays at the Linc, Mr. Desean Jackson.

D Jax is coming off consecutive 1,000 yard seasons and last year he averaged 22.5 yards per catch, which I’m pretty sure was tops for receivers in the NFL. Can we call him Mr. Big Play? He has intangibles as well. He brings energy to the team, and at the same time relaxes the guys around him. No, he’s not perfect. He has said some bonehead things off the field and on the field he might not be the most humble guy. But if we’re talking about production, there aren’t many that produce like he does.  The Eagles are building a great team, a team I believe will make a run deep into the playoffs. If they want to make the road there smoother, they’re going to have to make #10 happy. Hey Eagles, time to open the wallet…..again.

  1. alisonkno says:

    So true!

  2. Jillian says:

    I agree 100% It would be foolish of them to not pay up. I hope they don’t make try to make an example of him by not agreeing to his terms, they could be making a big mistake!

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